Welcome to the Laxville Wiki!!
If you're not familiar with how a wiki works, it's basically like a website, but a little more "interactive". We use it extensively with the Manual lacrosse team and it helps enormously communication and coordination. It also is very helpful as it keeps a record of everything so it will help in years to come. I find it difficult digging through my emails trying to find that piece of information that I need, but not remembering which email it was in - with the wiki - everything we need should be in one centralized location.
Forgive me that is not "complete" yet - but with our season being so short, and everything happening so quickly, I wanted to get it up there and let people start getting used to it.

With Lax-n-nati next weekend, I do have that page complete. If you'll scroll down the left hand side of this page, you'll see the "Tournaments" section - and underneath that - the "Lax-n-nati" page. On there, you'll find a map to the field, a schedule for the whole weekend, hotel information (with direct links to the hotel), a map to the hotel, along with a downloadable form that each player needs to fill out before the tournament. I know the form needs to be filled out by each player, but all forms are supposed to be turned in together (as a team) so perhaps Chad would like those forms filled out and turned in at practice this week - I'll see how he and Mark want to handle that.
I know Rachel Platt and Lisa Hebert coordinated food/snacks for the boys last weekend (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU) and believe they are doing that for this weekend as well. I'll get with Rachel about putting a sign up sheet on the wiki so we can just list what we need and people can sign up for what they'd like to bring (eliminating all the emails that need to go back and forth to coordinate this time-consuming task)


You'll notice the menu down the left side of the wiki - I am planning (as I said - it's not complete) to have general categories (that I believe are fairly self-explanatory). Basically, we'll have player/parent contact information, tournament information, a team calendar, downloadable forms (as they become available), links to relevant sites, etc. I will be continually adding information as it becomes available.
The other thing that is so cool about the wiki is that anybody and everybody (that is a member of the wiki) can add and edit information. So if anyone has something they would like to add, they can do that as well. You'll notice an "EDIT" button on the upper right hand corner of each page - just push that and you'll be able to add things as you'd like.
The wiki can be a little "intimidating" at first - just because it's new - but if you spend a little time navigating through, it's quite simple to pick up. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call or email me and I'd be happy to help explain anything to you.
Donna Johnson (Tyler's mom)dj@bluegrass.net502.767.4833